To ensure public health and your safety, registration with real-name is required for all participants, please be sure to fill in correct and valid ID and contact info.
Registered visitors must bring their original ID (Passport / Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong / Macao / Taiwan Residents) on-site and show Communication Big Data Travel Card (for the itinerary check for the past 14 days) and Beijing Health Code to on-site staffs for health and safety inspections.

Register before June 07, 2021 to save CNY 30 on-site registration fees.



(Please register with your valid Email to receive the Confirmation Letter)



For registered visitors, you can click “Register/Login” to get access to your confirmation letter.

·   During the event, please be sure to bring your original valid ID on-site. Copies and pictures are not allowed.

·   Pre-registered visitors, please get your visitor badge at the visitor service window with your original ID and a business card. Please notice, the organizer has the right to refuse you to enter the exhibition halls, if the original ID you present is inconsistent with yourself, or different from your reservation information.

·   Each applicant can only be registered once, if the unit has multiple participants, please register with different mobile and email accounts.

·   To protect your personal information, please use personal email and avoid using company's public email, such as info@, sales@, etc.

Pre-registration will be closed at 12:00 pm, June 07, 2021
Any inquiries, please contact: 86-10-5617 6962